The EO Rockies are designed as a system. Every time an entrepreneur wins an award, that Rock marks a significant point in time. Entrepreneurs could be recognized many times, spanning several years, or even multiple times in the same year. And just like the hiker who creates a stack of pebbles to mark the trail for those who follow, each Rock can be stacked on top of one another to create a unique trail-marker that shows the unique path stepped before us.


The EO Rockies are not an annual trophy; they’re a unique trail marker of the most important moments along our entrepreneurial journeys. These journeys are thrilling, rewarding and challenging. We succeed and we fail. Our journeys are life-long and filled with a library of stories we can share with one another.

Frequently Asked Questions


The Rockies are available exclusively to members of EO. Any member can be nominated. At some point we will open the Rockies outside EO, but for now, only members can be nominated.


Anyone can nominate an EO member for a Rockie, as well as oneself. You might be a spouse, forum mate, employee, customer, investor or friend … and you should be a witness to the story


Each summer, a Rockies Award Gala is held to declare award winners and celebrate their stories. The ceremony is open to award winners, EO Members, and their invited guests.


Each year, a judging session will be held to evaluate nominations. The judges are highly respected entrepreneurs in our community. Their job is to determine which stories qualify for which Rocks.


The Rockies are not a competition; there is no maximum or minimum number of Rocks which can be awarded in any year. Rocks will be awarded to all qualifying stories, even if one member wins several.


To protect the integrity of the program, each story that qualifies for a Rock will be fact-checked and validated, and the story will be documented into a factually accurate ‘citation’.


Nominations can happen at any time during the year. Nominations must be submitted before May 12, with the award ceremony being held on June 21.

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